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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Goals Per 60 Minutes Played

Here are the Red Wing individual averages for goals (on ice for) per 60 minutes of ice time through two rounds of the playoffs:
EVEN STRENGTH (for-against)
Hudler 4.72-0.00
Holmstrom 3.76-1.88
Franzen 3.29-0.41
Lang 2.44-0.81
Datsyuk 2.42-1.38
Zetterberg 2.41-1.72
Team Average 1.99-1.10
Bertuzzi 1.96-1.96
Filppula 1.56-1.56
Samuelsson 1.40-1.40
Draper 1.14-0.76
Maltby 1.04-0.52
Cleary 0.87-0.87
Calder 0.63-0.00
Lebda 4.77-0.79
Chelios 3.16-0.79
Schneider 2.18-0.31
Team Average 1.99-1.10
Lidstrom 1.69-1.13
Lilja 1.13-1.63
Markov 1.09-0.81
Quincey 0.84-1.67

Holmstrom 9.37
Hudler 7.38
Zetterberg 7.22
Franzen 6.82
Team Average 5.63
Lang 5.18
Calder 4.81
Cleary 3.18
Bertuzzi 0.00
Lidstrom 7.86
Schneider 7.16
Chelios 6.04
Team Average 5.63
Samuelsson 1.79
Lebda 0.00

SHORT-HANDED (against)
Filppula 0.00
Cleary 1.92
Maltby 2.42
Franzen 3.19
Draper 4.30
Team Average 4.35
Datsyuk 6.89
Zetterberg 7.25
Markov 1.63
Lidstrom 2.90
Chelios 3.73
Team Average 4.35
Lilja 7.33

A few thoughts ... Is there any reason not to play Hudler? Calder hasn't been nearly as effective and didn't even get five minutes of ice time in Game 6 against San Jose. And if it's home-road matchups and fear of Hudler's size, it's not like Calder is big or a shut-down defender. ... Lang has had a very good post-season, especially when you consider that he's produced in road games when Datsyuk and Zetterberg have been silent (one combined point in six road games). ... The first power-play unit is very good, but there's a big dropoff after that. ... Lilja and Datsyuk were two of Detroit's best penalty killers during the regular season, but they're having a tough time in the playoffs. ... The Draper line has been a true shut-down unit, but can't score. ... Filppula has been ineffective. Other than the two goals he scored in the first two games of the playoffs, the Red Wings have been outscored 3-1 at even strength win him on the ice.


Anonymous Nathan said...


This is the type of stuff that more writers covering the Wings need to get into. You have the best blog out there for any of the beat writers. Thank you!

I do have to take issue with the stock you are putting in these numbers. I do agree that Hudler should be in the lineup, but the vast majority of these statistics are clearly skewed as a result of ice time.

For example, if Hudler played 20+ minutes per night like Hank does, he would likely have a poor GA/60 rating, as the eyeball test tells us he isn't half the defender and skater than Z is.

These stats don't take into account the timeliness of certain players. Filpulla may only have those two early goals, but he was on the ice both to set Lang up for the huge tying goal in game 4 against the Sharks, and he was again called upon to shut down the Sharks with under two minutes left in the clinching game.

In the case of Lang, while he has no doubt scored the two biggest goals of the postseason, only the eyeball test tells us just how awful he has been in about half of the games played to date in the postseason. The confusing part is that his good performances show that he still has some of the tools that put him near the top of the league in scoring when the Wings traded for him, and yet his effort seems to be somewhere else (perhaps on his hair, I don't know).

May 9, 2007 at 11:51 AM 

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