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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pronger suspended for Game 4

The NHL has suspended Anaheim defenseman Chris Pronger for Thursday's Game 4 for his hit on Tomas Holmstrom mdiway through the second period of Game 3. Pronger pushed Holmstrom's head into the glass causing two cuts on the Swede's forehead that required 13 stitches. Rob Niedermayer was given a five-minute penalty and game misconduct on the play (Niedermayer hit Holmstrom at the same time), but the league reviewed the hit today and suspended Pronger.
Here's what Anaheim general manager Brian Burke said about the decision: "We disagree completely with Colin Campbell's decision here. But we respect the process. ... I think at no point is Holmstrom's face facing the boards. At no point is Chris (Pronger) delivering a hit towards the boards, a dangerous hit. He's coming in to finish a check at a 45-degree angle."

Burke went on to talk about Pronger's reaction: "He's sour about it. that's why he's not talking to you guys (media). The league doesn't like us swearing. I don't want Chris to talk to anyone today."
Holmstrom on the play: "You're around the net … 5-0 … they're going to get frustrated. They have to do something. Stuff happens out there. But those head shots, you've got to take them away from the game. ... Who knows? If I get a concussion or can't play any more in the series, maybe it's more. That was probably fortunate for him."
Babcock on the suspension: "Well, I told you, Tomas is a tough guy. Everybody saw it. He's got cuts, he's got 13 stitches. It's not like it's a boo‑boo here we're talking about. This is a guy who wants to play, and we're about playing.
"If you think there was any thought process into, Oh, how can we milk this? That's not how it works. I said already, I don't believe that's how the league should work. Did you do something? Did you not do something? Make a decision. The league did. We're fine by it. Let's go. "


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