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Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Babs on Grigs

After Thursday's win over Tampa Bay and Igor Grigorenko's shootout winner ...

"It was a nice move. Kopecky had a real nice move as well.
With the people that were in the lineup tonight, he's one of the guys who has skill and ability to score. We just thought that he could get it done.
Tonight, the game wasn't exactly blazing out there. We play at a real high pace and if you're going to play on our team, you've got to be able to play at that pace.
We'll watch him against Toronto one more time. Then we're going to make our decision.
Any time you do good things, you've earned the right to feel good about yourself. He got us the game-winner here tonight. Hopefully that gives him a boost."

And some bonus Nicklas Lidstrom thoughts on Grigs ...

"From Day 1 when we started training camp, he has improved. He knows the tempo, the pace of the game … it's not the European style where you can wait for your chances. Here, you've got to jump on them right away. Keep the shift short and high tempo. Slowly, I think he realizes that's what it takes. And he's getting used to it too. He's never played over here before."


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