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Monday, December 31, 2007

Contract talks

Both Chris Osgood and Andreas Lilja said Monday that there is no news on their contract talks. Both have reportedly been offered multi-year deals (Osgood, three years, Lilja two years). Neither has signed, however.
Osgood said that he would like to play at least three more years for three reasons -- win another Stanley Cup, reach 400 wins, top Terry Sawchuk's career win total with the Red Wings (352). Osgood has two Cups, 353 career wins and 269 career wins with the Red Wings.
Osgood said that talks started two or three weeks ago.
"We aren't really talking numbers or years, we're just talking just for the sake of talking," said Osgood. "I haven't talked to my agent since before Christmas."
As for parlaying his stellar season into a starting position with another team, Osgood said: "Do you want to take a chance and go to a team that's not very good, that's down in the standings, is terrible defensively and get shelled for another two years. I wouldn't think that would be an option I'd take right now. It would be interesting, but I don't know if it would get that far."


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