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Friday, September 12, 2008

Europe in a decade?

The story out of Toronto that the NHL is aiming for expansion in Europe within a decade is, to me, good news

I don't understand the thinking that the NHL has to be more popular in North America before adding Europe to its base. The market's there. Take it.

In fact, I'd argue that no sport is more balanced in popularity and talent in Europe and North America than is hockey. And it's been that way for 30 years. (I know I'm opening myself up for an education in the global balance of bocce ball or marbles.)

The only downside is that hockey's European base isn't in western Europe, it's in the east and Scandanavia, but so be it. Other sports would kill to have hockey's popularity on both sides of the Atlantic. Soccer wants it, but doesn't have it in North America. Basketball wants it, but doesn't come near hockey's talent pool in Europe.


Blogger WingsFanMiah said...

Hey Bruce,

I'm actually excited to see the following:

-The defensive battles for that final roster spot. I think Ericsson will make it, but we'll see.

-Jimmy Howard: What kind of camp will he have? That's the big question. Holland said, if Jimmy impresses and plays ubelievable, he would reconsider his assignment to GR, but again, he'll have to play out of his mind. I think Conklin will make the team, barring a horirble camp from him.

-I'm actually very interested in seeing McCollum. I hear he has a quick glove hand, one of the fastest, and is very mentally tough--like Osgood. He's a battler. Larsson will also be interesting to see.

Thanks for blogging, I enjoy it!

September 13, 2008 at 1:18 PM 

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