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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


UPDATE: Just found out from's Sarah Lindenau that Raedeke is at the Traverse City airport, leaving town. So obviously he's not on the practice squad. Hopefully, I can confirm the entire list below as still being with the team. The team handed out two lists after Monday's scrimmage ... players cut from camp and the rosters for Team Howe and Lindsay. There are a group of players who weren't on either list who, I was told, will stay with the team and practice. But Raedeke's leaving.


Here is a list of players that the Red Wings will carry with them, but who aren't on either the Team Howe or Team Lindsay roster. In other words, players who will practice, but not play.

Valtteri Filppula (jammed thumb)
Cory Emmerton (injured tailbone)
UPDATE: Emmerton is on Team Lindsay and back on the ice.
Brent Raedeke
Kyle Deck
Jason Jozsa
Sergei Kolosov
Brian Lahsoff
Martin Ondrej
Larry Sterling


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