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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Line dance

Coach Mike Babcock said after the game that he won't use the same starting lines in Dallas, Friday, as he did tonight ... but he's not certain what the lines will be.

"We're not going back," said Babcock. "I can tell you that. I don't know what it's going to be tomorrow, but I'll sleep on it and we'll figure it out."

After practicing with shaken-up lines this week, Babcock started tonight's game with the same old lines that he's been using. After a slow start, the Wings' top three forward lines and top two defense pairings were rearranged in the second and third periods tonight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well... as much as we (Red Wing connesueirs) want to see our self-made lines...

None of us will be surprised, thrown off, nor angered by the lines that will soon be. Moreover, we have likely suggested them before... so let's hear them again....

Maybe, just maybe... we'll see what we ask for...

My choices (hard to rank):
Franzen-Filppula-Hossa (primary focus)
Fourth line is by default.

I don't think that the win tonight pacifies anyone's yearn for a more defensive game. We need to see more Lidstrom/Stuart, Kronwall/Rafalski-- I'd actually rather Kronwall was with Lidstrom and Rafalski with Stuart. Kronwall needs to play with the Master... he can't play forever; teach the boy. (that should be in no way insulting to K)

Cleary looks great again; can play with anyone in any role. Fil; alright. Downgrade on Hudler. Extended 'slump' for Hossa, Z, Franzen; not near potential... Datsyuk is yet to find his real stride (which I refuse to believe was last year)... but it's still early... no worries here (I still call this Datsyuk's year).

Did anyone see how slow Maltby and Kopecky looked? Stunning! Draper; average... he has a long way to go to make up for lost time/ performance.

Truth, as we all know it, is that those guys can not be de-moted due to cap space. Lilja, on the other hand... no excuse... take the man!

Overall... this wasn't quite Red Wing hockey. Get'r done boys!... I liked the show against Anaheim... but let's see some more of that style/EFFORT!

I know the season is long... and I am patient. But you are professionals... let's show it! You have the talent... don't let us think you don't have the heart. ... or I'll push for a spot... and that would be a sad day ;) -- Brain practicing with Harry and us doesn't count for much these days.


December 11, 2008 at 12:32 AM 

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