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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nill's thoughts on the 2009 draft

Red Wings vice president and assistant general manager Jim Nill on the just completed NHL draft ...

"It played out as well as it could have. We wound up with three guys that we really liked (Ferraro, Tatar, Nestrasil). That's why we moved down."

"The skill level is high (for those top three forwards). You hope one of them becomes better than you thought. That skill level gives them a chance to develop into something better."

"We added a little bit of everything."

"There was a lot of depth in this draft. After you got by the 20s, you knew there were 20 more guys right there."

"We think we had a successful draft. But 29 other teams are thinking the same thing right now. We'll see in 2-4 years. We're excited."


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