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Friday, April 13, 2007

Hit parade

The Red Wings had 37 hits in their Game 1 win over the Calgary Flames, Thursday. It was the highest hit total this season for the Red Wings and just the 15th time in 83 games that Detroit has had as many as 20 hits in a game ...

37      April 12 vs. Calgary    W 4-1

29      March 6 vs. Nashville   W 4-3
28      Nov. 8 vs. Edmonton     W 3-0
27      Oct. 25 vs. San Jose    W 2-1
26      Jan. 2 vs. Anaheim      W 2-1
26      Feb. 23 vs. Edmonton    L 4-3
25      March 30 vs. Dallas     L 4-3
23      Dec. 2 vs. San Jose     L 3-2
22      Nov. 27 vs. Dallas      W 2-1
22      Jan. 17 vs. Nashville   W 5-3
22      Feb. 15 at Dallas       W 3-1
22      March 14 vs. Nash.      W 4-2
22      March 26 vs. Ana.       W 1-0
21      Feb. 21 vs. Chicago     W 4-2
20      Jan. 28 vs. Colorado    W 3-1


Anonymous TonyH said...

The wings went out and got guys like Bertuzzi and Calder, although Bertuzzi was not in the line up, the big guys that have been there all season stepped upa dn took Calgary to the woodshed. It was wonderful to see the Wings hitting and throwing the Flames off their game plan.

Franzen, Maltby, Cleary, Pavel, Hank, Schneider, Markov, Draper, Calder, Samuelsson all laid on the body and set the tone. The Wings knew going into the playoffs that they would have to be more asertive and agressive and boy were they. Great win, Great start and it was great to see that monkey fall to the ice as Pavel scored.

April 13, 2007 at 8:49 AM 
Anonymous Matt said...

No coincidence that the team is 12-3 in those games, is it?

April 13, 2007 at 1:48 PM 

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