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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Early post-game quotes after Game 5

I messed up. I can’t really think about the game right now. I was trying to get it to the outside of McDonald.
It happens. It’s not supposed to happen, but it happens.
It hurts. But we have to put this behind us and move on. There’s nothing more to it.
What is there to say. There’s nothing anybody can say.

In the overtime, you make one mistake and that can cost you the game. That’s what happened today.
Nothing is over. This team has proved before that we can win even when we are down 3-2. We’ve done it before. There’s no reason why we cannot do it again.
We didn’t get our bounces. We had many good chances and didn’t get it in. They scored a flukey goal at the end (of regulation). If we continue to play like we did today, we have a good chance to win in Anaheim.
It happens in hockey if you don’t score goals. We had a few power plays, a 5-on-3, and we couldn’t score. They pull the goalie and score on a deflection off my defenseman’s stick. It was a lucky goal, but it still counts the same as the others.

We had some good chances on the power play, but we couldn’t score on them. We had some second chances, but couldn’t bury it.


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