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Monday, October 1, 2007

Babcock on final roster

On Quincey
"He'll start out in Grand Rapids just because he's hurt. … When he gets healthy, the fact is that he's still a kid and he's got to get himself playing before he comes back. Is he going to come back for sure? That's up to him."

On Hartigan
"We like what we saw. We just didn't feel that he edged out the other people that we had."

On Downey
"He's going to be on the team. … We'll see what he can bring us."
"He sticks up for his teammates, gives us something we don't have in the organization. But his attitude is why he's here."

On Ellis
"Ellis is a real safe guy. We think he's improved. He's a big guy. We like his attitude. We like that about Downey too. We think they bring a lot of positive to our team as far as good people, work ethic, commitment to the guys."

On Meech
"Give him credit. He's done a good job here. He's a lot more confident than he was last year. Meech can move the puck. He was an American League all-star last year. Ideally, he can continue to develop."

On Grigorenko
"We really like him. We want him to play for our NHL team. We've got to find a way for him to be the best player he can be as quickly as possible. There are a couple of options. One, he could stay here and practice and not get in (the lineup). The one we like better is him actually playing and then getting back here, getting his pace and his game. It's no good just sitting here. Now he's got to get his mind wrapped around that and embrace being (in Grand Rapids) or else you don't get better. Otherwise it's just a waste of time."
If he stayed with Detroit ... "Not going to get him on the ice."
Grigs not being able to speak English ... "That's one of the biggest problems. When you're trying to communicate to him that you're trying to help him, he just thinks he's getting demoted. It's to our benefit when you've got a player who could be a real good NHL player, you've got to find him. … Now try to explain that to him. You've got his agent translating, but any time they're translating, they're translating, not you. I'm always a little leery of that."
"He's going to play hockey in Grand Rapids. Everyone knows what skate is. Everyone knows what work is. Everyone knows how to ride the bike. It doesn't matter what language."


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