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Monday, October 1, 2007

Early look at lineup?

The Red Wings' practice has just started. The team hasn't announced its final roster cuts, but on the ice right now are Aaron Downey and Matt Ellis as part of a full team skate. No Igor Grigorneko. No Mark Hartigan.
If this means what it looks like, then Grigorenko and Hartigan are starting the season in Grand Rapids. It also means that the Red Wings will start the season with 14 forwards, keeping Downey and Ellis. Downey's emergence mirrors the success of Brad Norton out of training camp last year. Norton made the squad as an enforcer, which is Downey's specialty. Norton lasted six games before being demoted to the Grand Rapids Griffins for the remainder of the season. Grigorenko has a clause in his contract that if he spends more than three weeks in the minors, he can opt out of his Detroit deal and return to Russia.
Chris Chelios is the only other player not on the ice.


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