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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thoughts on Game 1

-- Notice how Babcock rotated his defensemen on the power play? He's trying to use just three blue-liners, starting with Lidstrom and Rafalski, then keeping one of them on with Kronwall, then the other with Kronwall. That's a good threesome if he can manage their time. If he needs to go with a fourth, it's either going to be Lebda or Samuelsson.
-- Corey Perry refused to take his helmet off in his fight with Drake, which was a weenie move if I've ever seen one. Perry had a beef with Drake, saying that the new Red Wings knocked him out with a hit two years ago. Drake doesn't remember the hit, but said that it probably happened. (Now that's funny.) So when Perry asked for the fight, you could see Drake motioning to his helmet as they dropped their gloves. Drake doesn't wear a visor, Perry does. The players' code says that if visored players want to fight, they should take their helmet off and Drake was offering to do the same. Drake's hand slammed into the visor a few times with punches. Next time Corey Perry asks for a fight, hopefully he'll brush up on the honor code beforehand.
-- The 42-15 advantage in shots on goal was legit. The Red Wings outchanced, outplayed and outworked the Ducks.
-- Detroit's penalty-kill pairings in order ... Filppula-Draper, Maltby-Drake, Cleary-Zetterberg with Lidstrom-Chelios and Kronwall-Lilja next. That means that Datsyuk won't get much PK time (he's the seventh forward) unless something changes.
-- Rafalski drew good reviews, but it was disturbing to see Ryan Getzlaf victimize him twice in the last shift of overtime. Getzlaf got around Rafalski for a shot with 25.0 seconds left. Then Getzlaf picked Rafalski's pocket at the Anaheim blue line. Zetterberg's backcheck negated a breakaway with 7.5 seconds left. Can't make mistakes in those key moments.
-- Any team that uses Todd Bertuzzi as its first shootout shooter is in trouble.


Blogger stytzer said...

Still waiting for someone to comment on the shots; 42-15. Living in Denmark I'm not able to watch the games, but to me it certainly looks as if one team was dominating the other! But I could obviously be wrong?

October 4, 2007 at 9:14 AM 

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