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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Thoughts on Game 3 (4-2 win over Edmonton)

-- The Wings got some production at even strength finally, but even then it wasn't balanced. Entering the game, Detroit had been outscored 3-1 at even strength, but on special teams had outscored opponents 4-2. Against Edmonton, Detroit mustered three even-strength goals.
The problem still lies in the lower lines though. All four even-strength goals this season have come from the top two lines. Lines 3 and 4 have been outscored 2-0 at even strength.
-- The Detroit power play looks better than last season, outscoring opponents 5-1.
-- Chris Chelios is just plain fun to watch. It's not just the goal. I love seeing him pinch in the offensive zone. He does it more than any other defenseman on the team and his timing is spot on 95 percent of the time.
-- I think the economy is overrated as a reason for the poor ticket sales (by the Red Wings' own standards). Obviously the economy hurts sales. So does the fact that the Tigers were a hot ticket the past two seasons.
But it's almost like a successful TV show that runs its course. The team is great, but there isn't much buzz around town. It's not a hot ticket, people aren't tuning in. Hey, the economy didn't get bad over the summer. It was bad last year. It was bad the year before and the year before that. Tickets still sold.
I think it's more about human nature and the difficulty of remaining popular entertainment for more than a decade.
-- No Dallas Drake fight. Disappointing.
-- Brett Lebda skates forewards like most players skate backwards, wiggling side to side. It works well.


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