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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good students, poor play

More from coach Mike Babcock about last Saturday's practice not being a good one leading into Sunday's loss in Chicago ...
"Zetterberg calls it the joy factor. … There's a lot of fun. Our guys are laughing and abusing each other and fooling around. The day before in practice, we went out and no one was bugging each other. They were paying attention and we weren't executing. I know right away when they're attentive that something's going on. Usually, they're goofing off, having fun. There was no energy. Just because the schedule says we should be all right, we're not."
So the team traveled to St. Louis and had Monday off. All of the players and coaches got together to bowl -- Jiri Hudler had high score and Kirk Maltby was second. Then it was back on the ice for Tuesday's morning skate and hopefully a more energetic performance than two nights ago.
As for bowling, the inexperienced Hudler came up with four consecutive strikes, smiling while recounting his 183 game this morning. Maltby missed his spare in the ninth then left three pins in the 10th. "Sometimes when you don't know what you're doing, that's when you succeed," said Maltby about Hudler.


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