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Friday, January 18, 2008

Even Strength Goals By Ice Time

Here's a look at how individual Red Wings measure in terms of goals that they're on the ice for (for and against) per 60 minutes of even-strength ice time. Please note that these numbers are strictly for even-strength time, not special teams.
Forwards GF per 60 minutes
Datsyuk 4.2
Zetterberg 3.8
Cleary 3.8
Holmstrom 3.4
Hudler 3.4
Filppula 2.9
Samuelsson 2.6
Ellis 2.5
Kopecky 2.1
Maltby 2.1
Draper 1.9
Franzen 1.8
Downey 1.8
Hartigan 1.2
Drake 1.1
Forwards GA per 60 minutes
Franzen 0.9
Hartigan 1.2
Filppula 1.5
Samuelsson 1.5
Datsyuk 1.6
Hudler 1.7
Draper 1.8
Kopecky 1.8
Ellis 1.8
Zetterberg 1.9
Holmstrom 1.9
Drake 1.9
Cleary 2.0
Maltby 2.1
Downey 2.2
Defensemen GF per 60 minutes
Lidstrom 4.0
Kronwall 3.2
Rafalski 2.7
Lilja 2.7
Lebda 2.1
Chelios 2.0
Meech 1.5
Defensemen GA per 60 minutes
Lidstrom 1.4
Lebda 1.4
Chelios 1.5
Kronwall 1.6
Rafalski 1.8
Lilja 2.2
Meech 3.0

-- Usually you take a look at the stats and try to factor in opposition, linemates, etc. But all that goes out the window with Nicklas Lidstrom. He is the one player who is matched up against the opposition's best -- Ilya Kovalchuk, Dany Heatley, Jarome Iginla, Joe Thornton. But his stats aren't fazed by that. Lidstrom is so far ahead of the rest of the blue-liners in offense created that he ruins the curve. Only Niklas Kronwall is above the team average that's buoyed by Lidstrom's numbers.
-- As good as Henrik Zetterberg has been, these numbers appreciate a player like Pavel Datsyuk and how he controls play on both ends of the ice. Zetterberg is the MVP candidate, but the Red Wings have outscored opponents 51-20 with Datsyuk on the ice and 42-21 with Zetterberg on the ice. I'm not sure that Datsyuk hasn't had the better season.
-- The shut-down forward has become Johan Franzen. Opponents average less than 1 goal per 60 minutes of even-strength time with Franzenstein on the ice. (The Red Wings have outscored opponents 15-7 with Franzen out there.) It's not surprising. In Franzen's first season in Detroit, he was clearly the most effective penalty killer among forwards.
-- In the underrated category would have to be Dan Cleary's offense, Mikael Samuelsson's defense, Jiri Hudler's defense and Andreas Lilja's offense. Lilja shows well in offense in this stat every season and poor on even-strength defense. Neither should be very surprising. Lilja can head-man the puck well and he soaks up so much defensive responsibility that the Wings can usually go with a four-man attack.
-- The lack of offense from Kris Draper, Tomas Kopecky and Kirk Maltby is acceptable because they at least keep their offense to the break-even point with their defense. Dallas Drake, however, has similar defense stats, but his offense is so low that it's a drain. The Red Wings have been outscored 11-6 with Drake on the ice. With Maltby (10-10), Draper (16-15) and Kopecky (13-11), the Wings are at least break-even.
-- A few stats to impress your friends with ... Of the Red Wings' 108 even-strength goals, Lidstrom has been on the ice for 58, Datsyuk for 51.
There are seven Red Wings who have been on the ice for about double the number of goals for as against ... Lidstrom (58-20), Datsyuk (51-20), Franzen (15-7), Zetterberg (42-21), Valtteri Filppula (32-16), Jiri Hudler (28-14) and Cleary (39-20). Those are seven very good two-way players (although Hudler doesn't get credit for being such.) Note that even though the Red Wings don't score much with Franzen on the ice, the team still has a huge advantage over the opposition.
Matt Ellis has been effective (7-5) in limited time.


Anonymous Zattaman said...

Nice breakdown. Much appreciated Bruce.

January 18, 2008 at 4:03 PM 
Anonymous Bobby Orr said...

Lebda's Defense!
1.4 GA per 60 minutes, the same as Lidstrom. Granted, not playing against the same top lines, but still....
And look how far down is Lilja.

In looking at Dmen, the GA number is a lot more important than GF.

January 19, 2008 at 6:35 AM 
Blogger edicius said...

Definitely some obscure, interesting stats...but I'm just impressed that you've picked up on the "Franzenstein" nickname, Bruce!

January 19, 2008 at 3:47 PM 

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