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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thoughts on Game 41 (4-1 win over Dallas)

-- This is probably the most dominant regular-season Red Wings team since the 1995-96 season. The stat that the team is throwing out there that this year's team has 30 wins through 41 games and the 95-96 team had just 29 (on its way to a league-record 62) is bogus though. Four shootout wins so far this season means that by 95-96 rules, the Red Wings have 26 wins this season. That puts these Wings behind the 1995 team through 41 games as well. Still, a monumentally great season thus far.
-- Chris Osgood's performance can't be overstated. I'd like to see a stat for goalies like quality starts in hockey. In fact, let's start one ... two goals or less in regulation time and at least 50 minutes of ice time. In other words, a quality goalie start gives your team a good chance to win.
This season, Osgood has 21 starts and Dominik Hasek has 21 starts. Osgood has 17 quality starts (with 20 starts of three or fewer goals). Hasek has 14 quality starts (with 17 of three or fewer).
All but one start, Osgood has allowed three or fewer goals. The other start? Four goals allowed and the Wings won that one. That's about as much as you can expect from a goalie.
-- I like the way the Wings are answering the call. Dallas Drake fighting Steve Ott after the Star leveled Nicklas Lidstrom was perfect. With Drake and Aaron Downey, the Wings have a different element than in a long time. Detroit has 15 fights at the halfway point in the season. That puts the Wings on pace for their most fighting majors since 1997-98.
-- Henrik Zetterberg looked like he didn't miss any time. Players who return to the lineup after an absence often start strong and backslide. Hopefully, that's not the case for Hank this time.


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