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Monday, November 17, 2008

Cleary back at JLA

Dan Cleary was back at Joe Louis Arena today and spoke with the media after an off-ice workout. Cleary has missed the past nine days with a scratched cornea. The injury has been listed as an eye infection, but Cleary said that's incorrect. His left eye -- which was scratched earlier this season -- was scratched again. He first felt the effects of the second scratch last Monday.

"This is the first day I've been able to open it and keep it open ... Is it open now?" said Cleary. "This is the best it's been. ... There's been a lot of pain in the eye. It almost hurts just to keep it open. It closes on its own. I've just been sleeping a lot. I haven't done anything, to be honest with you."

Cleary first felt the effects of the first cornea scratch six weeks ago. The medication he was taking to help in the latter stages of the first cornea scratch became inflammatory when used for the fresh undiscovered second scratch. That caused a setback. Neither the first nor the second scratch happened while skating.

"It was healing," said Cleary. "In order to heal the vision, you've got to use steroid drops. The steroids are the worst thing for the scratch. What's good for one thing is bad for the other. Right now, my eye is healing, but my vision is suffering. After the scratch heals, I can go after the vision. You can't heal both at the same time."

Cleary's eye looks remarkably bad, very cloudy, very red. Today was the first day that he was able to do off-ice workouts. He said he's hoping for a return on Thanksgiving week.

"I have everything going bad for me in order to get a scratch," said Cleary. "I sleep with my eyes open a little bit. I don't blink fully. I have dry eyes. There's lots of things we're going to do once this heals and get the vision better this week."

General manager Ken Holland said that the team isn't going to put Cleary on the Long-Term Injured Reserve to free up salary cap space for another forward. A player has to be out for 10 games on the LTIR.

"We've got enough players here," said Holland.


Blogger John said...

You know, some times, I sleep on my chest, and I wake up with a scratched eye... just the way I sleep sometimes. It has been, in the past, so bad that I could not work because I could not drive and I could not open it at all.. and the more I tried to use it, or blink, or rub my eye, the worse it got. That actually hurt more than when it was filled with blood (popped capillary from a track incident). The only thing you can do is sleep on your back, or get one of those fluffy, snobby eye cover thingies.

November 17, 2008 at 3:07 PM 
Blogger Nick said...

OOh, I saw it during that bit they had about hockey players' teeth during tonight's game. Dan's looking pretty zombie-like

November 17, 2008 at 9:49 PM 

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