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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chicago's morning skate at Wrigley Field

This is a very cool setup at Wrigley Field.

-- The big scoreboard in center field is set up to run out-of-town NHL scores. Nice touch.

-- The Chicago players are out there now, wearing eye black with their home area codes in them as a shout-out. Some visors are tinted. Brent Seabrook had on sunglasses.

-- Which brings up the glare. The goal defended by Chicago in the first period will be looking into the sun. And there is quite a glare. It's almost the time of day that the game will be played and the sun covers two-thirds of the ice, stopping at one blue line. The goalie in Chicago's net in the first period will be battling not just the sun peering through the stands, but also the glare bouncing up off the ice. I wonder if the ice will be inconsistent as well with more than half of it in sun and the rest in shade.

-- They have two men kneeling near the entrance to the ice, there to remove cloth skate guards as the players finish their long walk from the locker rooms.

-- That walk from the locker rooms is very, very long. Coach Jim Bedard laughed about it as the Detroit coaches watched the Chicago skate. He compared it to a long maze with stairs and twists and turns, wondering if there was an end ever coming.

-- Patrick Kane was on the ice for the team photo, but didn't take part in drills.

-- They've taped a brick wall effect on the outside of the walls. Nice effect in a ballpark noted for its brickwork. But no ivy.


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