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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Awards rush begins

The NHL announced the three finalists for the Calder Trophy today, starting a two-week stretch of such news flashes.

Steve Mason of Columbus, Bobby Ryan of Anaheim and Kris Versteeg of Chicago are the potential Calder winners. My vote had them in this order -- Mason, Versteeg, Ryan -- with Drew Doughty and Blake Wheeler rounding out a top five. Versteeg and Ryan are a tossup for me and ranking a 30-goal scoring rookie third means it's a good crop of newcomers. But I'd call Mason clearly ahead of the pack of rookies.

The order for the upcoming award finalist announcements ...

Thursday, April 23, Norris
Friday, April 24, Lady Byng
Monday, April 27, Vezina
Tuesday, April 28, Selke
Wednesday, April 29, Hart
Thursday, April 30, Masterton
Friday, May 1, Adams

I'm guessing that Lidstrom doesn't win another Norris this season. It'll be interesting to see where he drops to after winning six in the past seven seasons.

If you're curious, here are Lidstrom's year-by-year finishes in the Norris voting ...

2008 1st
2007 1st
2006 1st
2004 6th
2003 1st
2002 1st
2001 1st
2000 2nd
1999 2nd
1998 2nd
1997 6th
1996 6th
1995 received no votes
1994 7th

Over a 15-year stretch, that's as good as it gets.


Blogger MANNYTHEGREEK said...

what's up with 2004? i don't remember him ever losing? and to whom!?

April 22, 2009 at 9:18 PM 
Blogger Bruce MacLeod said...

Hey Manny.
That's a pretty high standard to be disappointed with a sixth-place finish, but I understand.
Here's how the Norris voting went in 2004 ...
Niedermayer, 872
Chara, 563
Pronger, 345
McCabe, 189
Aucoin, 166
Lidstrom, 165
Schneider, 144
Blake, 124
Gonchar, 55
Redden, 31
Leetch, 19
Souray, 12
Malik, 7
Ohlund, 3
Zidlicky, 2
Kubina, 2
Berard, 1
Boyle, 1
Tarnstrom, 1
Rathje, 1
Zubov, 1

April 22, 2009 at 9:44 PM 

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