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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On the road again

Cue the Willie Nelson music (you'll have to, I don't own any Willie CDs) ... I'll be traveling to road games again for the (hopefully) final two rounds of the playoffs.

Just giving a heads-up to anyone who checks this blog regularly that there will be game-day and off-day reports.


Anonymous Mike said...

Best news I've heard all day, so far. Love your reports, Bruce.

May 19, 2009 at 8:14 PM 
Anonymous Octopus said...

Live it up in Chi-Town, Bruce!


Maybe I didn't treat you
Quite as good as I should have
Maybe I didn't love you
Quite as often as I could have
Little things I should have said and done
I just never took the time
You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind

Maybe I didn't hold you
All those lonely, lonely times
And I guess I never told you
I'm so happy that you're mine

If I made you feel second best
Dude I'm so sorry I was blind
You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind

Ok, that's enough of that. :)

Go Wings!

May 19, 2009 at 11:05 PM 
Blogger John said...

If you've never done it...

Friday: mid-day or evening on weeknight.. head to the Hancock building at Michigan and Huron on the north end of the Magnificent Mile. Get to the express elevator and go to the signature lounge (not room, unless you're getting a $100/meal allowance)

Try to get a window seat, order a coffee, sure, it's $8.00 plus tip at least a couple dollars... but it's worth it to get a seat overlooking 2/3 of the city from 95 floors up day or night. Midday on Friday shouldn't be too busy and it's on your way to the stadium (kind of).

Plus, that's cheaper than the observation deck and they don't get seats or coffee.

Don't miss Billy goat tavern either, cheezborger! Yeah, skip the one by wrigley and the one at navy pier and hit up the one next to salvation army on Madison by United Center. Plus you can go there after you park!


$4 gumbo in a city where nothing is $4. At the corner of Wabash and Balbo... hit up Buddy Guy's for lunch. It's only a block from Grant Park and it's got the best cornbread in the city... plus they have all day music on the weekends and you don't pay cover til 9pm. Buddy might be there since the Chicago Blues fest is coming quick, though he's usually on the road during festival season.

Last, and look this up... there is a bar over there called The Gin Mill on 2462 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614. Phone is (773) 549-3232. It's a Red Wing's bar in Chicago. It might be a good diversion for Saturday evening when the mile and wrigleyville are filled with too many tourists to be too much fun for you.

Three things that you will hear in spring outside UC: Cubs Win! Sox Win! and... Wow, there's a lot of Wings fans here.

May 20, 2009 at 10:50 AM 
Blogger Evan said...

it's hard to follow those previous comments, so very simply directly and: much deserved! we always enjoy your unique and thoughtful insights.
The more trips and posts the better.

May 22, 2009 at 5:35 PM 

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