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Monday, October 26, 2009

Even-strength effectiveness

Red Wings' goals for and against per 60 minutes of ice time ...

FORWARDS GF-GA (ranked by GF)
May, 4.0-8.1
Maltby, 3.0-1.0
Abdelkader, 3.0-4.0
Zetterberg, 2.8-3.76
Helm, 2.5-3.7
Draper, 2.4-1.6
Cleary, 2.1-3.7
Team, 2.0-3.2
Holmstrom, 1.9-2.5
Datsyuk, 1.8-2.4
Eaves, 1.8-3.5
Bertuzzi, 1.6-3.8
Filppula, 1.5-3.0
Franzen, 1.4-1.4
Leino, 1.0-2.6
Williams, 0.5-3.1

DEFENSEMEN, GF-GA (ranked by GA)
Lidstrom, 2.4-1.6
Stuart, 0.8-1.9
Kronwall, 0.8-2.1
Rafalski, 2.3-2.3
Team, 2.0-3.2
Meech, 1.8-5.4
Ericsson, 3.5-6.5
Lebda, 4.3-7.7

Just a nightmare start for the Wings' third defense pairing. Ericsson was on the ice for four of the five even-strength goals this week; Ledba three. That's 13 even-strength goals against that Ericsson has been on the ice for. Unacceptable. Lebda's rate per 60 minutes is even higher. On the plus side, the Wings can score very well with the third pair on the ice -- Ericsson has been on for 7 goals for, Lebda 5, while Stuart and Kronwall have been on the ice for just 2 apiece -- but it all adds up to the Wings being outscored 13-7 with Ericsson on the ice and 9-5 with Lebda.
Williams has had a good PP start, but horrible ES start. The Wings have been outscored 6-1 with him on the ice and 5-2 with Leino on the ice. The Filppula line was out there for 3 goals against last week and no goals for. The line has looked good, but not produced.
Forget about Helm and Abdelkader and even May's good start offensively. They have to hold down opponents' scoring and they're not. Draper is getting that job done.
So far, even strength has been awful for the Red Wings, who can't score with their second defense pairing on the ice and can't stop opponents from scoring with their third pairing on the ice.


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