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Friday, October 5, 2007

Time of possession

I've always wondered about the Red Wings and time of possession. Their game is obviously puck possession, so would that be a telling stat?
I clocked Game 1 with a stopwatch. The ground rules were ... one team or the other had possession at all times ... possession was determined similar to delayed penalties, you can touch the puck but control is the key.
So in a game against Anaheim where the Wings outshot the Ducks 42-15, here's how time of possession broke down ...
1st P 9:37
2nd P 11:29
3rd P 10:47
OT 3:20
Regulation 31:53
Reg + OT 35:15
1st P 10:23
2nd P 8:31
3rd P 9:13
OT 1:40
Regulation 28:07
Reg + OT 29:45

Dominant in overtime, but not in regulation. Hopefully, I'll be able to track more games this way during the season. Right now, I'm wondering if the TOP (time of possession) is going to turn out to be a better indicator than SOG (shots on goal). These numbers are more indicative of a 2-2 game than the SOG were.


Anonymous Mike said...

Interesting idea.

Just for a bit of clarification, does the team who, say, ices the puck, receive positive 'TOP' as the puck makes it way down the ice until finally being touched by the opponent?

I think to perfect this idea, you'd need to slightly change the rules and add in a 3rd category involving the time when no team has puck possesion.

I do look forward to seeing how this pans out though!

October 6, 2007 at 4:38 AM 
Blogger ryan tee said...

can i just thank you for being a great, well informed, and entertaining red wings blogger?

I can?
Ok, thanks.

October 6, 2007 at 6:13 PM 

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