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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Boston musings

-- It's difficult not to stare up in the arena when you should be staring down. All those Bruins' retired numbers ... 10, I believe. All those Celtic championship banners. Did you know that Larry Bird habitually looked at Bobby Orr's retired No. 4 before every Celtics home game? I believe it was one part superstition and one part focusing on excellence.
-- It's my first time ever in Boston and naturally, I got lost walking back from lunch. My hotel's near the arena, so I just asked for directions there. The man asked, "Are you from Detroit? Too bad you don't have Yzerman any more."
These people love hockey. They've never said that to me in Phoenix or Nashville.
"Yah ... and too bad you guys don't have Ray Bourque."
That was all I could come up with. The man just looked at me like I was nuts, so obviously I didn't return the proper greeting.
Could have been worse though. My backup was "Too bad you don't have Dit Clapper" which sounds like I'm wishing some sort of disease on the guy.


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