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Friday, May 30, 2008

Penguins' Friday practice

UPDATE: Coach Michel Therrien confirmed at his press conference that the Penguins will use the same lineup they did in Game 3.


All appears well with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Everyone is on the ice right now for an off-day practice at Mellon Arena. All the line combinations they're working out of are the same ones used in the Game 3 win over Detroit.



A quick opinion: The Gill-Scuderi pairing reminds me a lot of Toby Petersen of Dallas in the last round. Petersen was a standout in Game 4 of the Western Conference final playing against Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg. But there's no way that was going to last. There's a reason Toby Petersen is fighting for a roster spot and Datsyuk and Zetterberg are superstars.

Same with Gill and Scuderi. They're matching up against Datsyuk and Zetterberg and fared well in Game 3. But over time, talent prevails. Hal Gill vs. Pavel Datsyuk? I'll take Datsyuk.


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