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Monday, May 12, 2008

Ribeiro/Osgood incident

NHL senior vice president Colin Campbell spoke on Toronto radio station the FAN 590 today about not giving out any suspensions to Mike Ribeiro (two-handed slash) or Chris Osgood (butt end) in an incident at the end of Game 2. Both players were fined by the league.

"There's a slash and there's a slash," said Campbell. "I can't even tell there's an injury on this play if there was. I'm sure there wasn't. If you look at the slash, the use of his stick, there was no follow through. It stopped and he just kind of raked it across his chest. With all due respect to Chris, I guess that's what you have to do today. … Teams are competitive and they try to do what they have to do to draw penalties, to draw suspensions, to get any kind of edge because the prize is pretty valuable."

With all due respect to Colin, it was a two-handed baseball swing slash to the midsection over top of the net. It obviously didn't hurt Osgood. He could have gotten a two-minute minor for diving on the play. But not suspending Ribeiro does hurt the NHL's reputation. It was a two-handed baseball swing over the net.

Here's where I draw the line ... what Osgood did was part of a normal hockey play. What Ribeiro did was shocking. Ribeiro didn't hurt anyone. But that doesn't mean that he shouldn't have been suspended.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 things strike me here. First off, as mentioned, its a baseball swing. No follow through? He broke his stick on ozzy, the evidence was laying on the ice. Secondly, it happened after the game was over. Theres no excuse for that. Can the wings randomly skate up to turco after the game and break their sticks on his chest?

Furthermore you know the nhl is going to prevent any contact with goalies in tonights game, and thats going to hurt the wings as turco will be offering up oscar winning performances everytime a wing comes near him.

Lastly what ozzy did(which appeared to me to be a no look graze.. no swing to ribiero), isnt half as bad as turcos 2 bunches to the nead, slash, blatant trip on flip skating backwards, or swinging butt end to helms face. All of which have been continually applauded and replayed by VS

May 12, 2008 at 6:59 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, what are the rest of my fellow Wings fans smoking here and everywhere else in the press?

OSGOOD started all this by throwing the butt end of his goalie stick into the path of Ribiero's face seconds before the end of the game. Plain and simple. Osgood can lie all he wants to, but there is absolutely no disputing the fact that this is what Osgood was up to.

Ribiero -- obviously unimpressed with Osgood's attempt at a stick to the face -- confronted Osgood and smacked him across the chest with his stick.

Was it a decent slash? Yes. Did he slash him anywhere that Osgood was unprotected or with a Marty McSorly-esque baseball swing? NO. Seriously, Wings fans need to get over this and cheer for the team to win game 3 which is what matters most.

All that being said I'm as unimpressed with Turco as everyone else -- and no one is even talking about him knocking off the net ALL THE FREAKIN TIME whenever the pressure gets to be a little too much. TOTAL BUSH LEAGUE.

LGRW -- 6 more to go!

May 12, 2008 at 7:34 PM 

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