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Thursday, May 28, 2009

SC final tickets on sale

From the Red Wings ...

Detroit… Single-game tickets for the 2009 Stanley Cup Final at Joe Louis Arena go on sale this morning (5/28) at 10 am (ET). Fans can purchase tickets at the Joe Louis Arena Box Office, all TicketMaster locations including The Hockeytown Café, Hockeytown Authentics in Troy, or charge by phone at 800-745-3000. Fans also can purchase tickets by logging on to All four potential home games are available with a purchase limit of eight tickets per game.

The Red Wings also continue to accept season-ticket deposits for the 2009-10 season which allow fans to lock in the lowest available price on next year’s season tickets.


Blogger John said...

I'm so excited i can't think right. Maybe that's the calculus I was working on last night.

I work with an AHL team - in the finals.

Our farm team - up 2-1 in the finals.

I was born in Ann Arbor, a wings fan for 26 of my 33 years. - in the finals.

I have two home made beers with red wings labels sitting in ahl coaching offices.

I wear red wings gear under my button down during games. I scream at the computer when the refs miss an AHL call, i sit quietly wishing the wings to overcome when a bounce goes against them.

It is determination, passion and attrition.

It even translates out of hockey. I went to work yesterday 7-3, my lunch was spent graphing functions, i left work at 3 for my cad class at 3:30, left there at 6:30, got to the rink at 6:50,
I faced a 2-1 last night against a the two best players my opponents could field and stripped the pro-am player of the puck and have never enjoyed playing so much. I left the rink at 8:25, went back to the cad class at 8:40, went home at 9:15, got my calculus homework done at 11:30. And went to bed knowing i had 3 championships to follow. One in person (AHL). One in my heart and for my beleaguered but always home Detroit. And one for the future (ECHL). And today, we'll do it all over again.

Something I learned growing up around the D. If you walk in the shadows, you hold all the cards. If you walk in the light, you blind yourself to the guy in the shadows. Let Pittsburgh walk in the light, let's welcome them back to Detroit, our way.

Bring on the back to back games Bettman.

May 28, 2009 at 11:39 AM 
Anonymous Joe, Belleville said...

Wow. Don't know what to say to all that John. I had cheez-its and took a nap on the couch.

May 28, 2009 at 5:56 PM 
Blogger John said...

I'd say "i'm jealous of your nap, but you can keep the cheeze-its ... i want a tubby's sub and some crazy bread!"

May 29, 2009 at 11:00 AM 
Blogger John said...

Bruce would say "can't you guys keep it on topic, i mean seriously, you have HDAD (Hockey Deficit Attention Disorder)"

Well Bruce, this is what happens when there aren't any games for 2 days. I start checking for the training camp schedule in June.

I recall once having an e-argument with EJ Hradek about how there was no way in hell the Red Wings would take Joseph over Belfour in 2003 summer. Well, I was right Hradek! Aha! Sure, that lead to some drama but we won't get into that.

And Buccigross and Melrose are goons! They said we'd never take Chelios, despite all the rumors and I was right then too you punks! I was only 23 then!

May 29, 2009 at 11:27 AM 

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