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Thursday, November 5, 2009

May back in lineup Saturday

Brad May has been cleared to return to Wings' lineup for Saturday's game in Toronto. He'll wear a visor for first time since juniors.

May caught Jason Williams' stick in the eye while sitting on the bench during a game in Calgary, Oct. 31.


Blogger John said...

Off topic, but a note on May is the perfect place for this sentiment.

Remember when Yzerman's Red Wings won stanley cups in 1997, 1998 and 2002?

They won with crushing, pervasive, hated defense and solid goaltending. We didn't have to score 7 goals on Patrick Roy because they couldn't score on us.

The Yz Red Wings won Cups because they played offense, but their best forwards were their best defensive forwards (Yzerman, Federov, Draper... 3 selke winners).

So what changed? Two years ago, sure, we won because we could score 8 goals on a lot of teams on a lot of nights. But in the playoffs, we won series because we could stop teams like Pittsburgh, Washington, and San Jose from scoring.

Last year, we were spoiled. We saw almost as many goals as the fans of the Gretzky Oilers. But we couldn't win games when we had to.

Now, we have to play offense and win with defense and solid goaltending. Our best forwards have to be our best defensive forwards (Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Draper.. three selke winners).

This is the Red Wings I am a fan of. Not the Hossa style snipers. I am a fan of the grinders. The workers. The team that makes me feel like they belong in Detroit and in Michigan. A team that outplays their abilities with hard work.

I like this team. I missed this team.

Steve Yzerman on one leg Red Wings will always be my team. I am not a talent guy. I am a grinder. A worker. I work harder than anyone else I know. Even in pro-sports.

I have helped win two calder cup championships for two now-NHL coaches and i haven't been paid a single penny. I helped them advance from DVD to Computer. I don't do anything pretty. I don't wear a suit. I don't talk to reporters. I work. Work hard. Succeed.

This is Detroit Hockey. This is Michigan Hockey. This is hockeytown hockey.

This is my hockey. Only 90 games to go, let's get to work.

November 6, 2009 at 9:10 AM 
Anonymous HOCKEYINDETROIT said...

Kind of funny, you expect a Brad May injury to come from a fight. Nope, it's from getting poked in the eye while he's sitting on the bench. It's gonna be weird seeing him with a visor.

November 6, 2009 at 11:11 PM 

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