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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Power-play effectiveness

Red Wings' goals for per 60 minutes of of power-play ice time ...

Franzen 10.0
Cleary 9.7
Zetterberg 8.4
Filppula 8.0
Bertuzzi 7.2
Team 7.2
Holmstrom 6.4
Datsyuk 6.2
Leino 3.1

Williams 9.5
Stuart 8.7
Kronwall 8.1
Team 7.2
Lidstrom 6.4
Rafalski 5.3

Williams' loss will be felt on the power play. I don't care how you want to twist these effectiveness ratings and say that so-and-so is only on the ice against inferior players (which I don't buy) ... Williams has been on the ice for as many power-play goals as Lidstrom (seven) in 21 less minutes of ice time. We'll see if the second unit's production drops.
Leino has been ineffective on the PP and hasn't been on the ice for a goal scored since Game 1. The first unit of Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Holmstrom has been on the ice for three of the last four PP goals.


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