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Friday, May 25, 2007

Bertuzzi's locker clean-out comments

"I don’t feel like moving anywhere any more. I’m very happy here. It’s one of those dressing rooms that you want to be a part of. It’s something special. Especially for the next couple of years, this team can do some damage. I’ll talk to Kenny and go from there."

"I’ll be healthy. I need a month to take off and get healthy. I came back a little bit early, but it wasn’t the back that hurt me for the last couple of games. The back’s getting better."

"I know that getting healthy and getting a full year under my belt, I know I can do some damage here. The key is just to get healthy. In order to play my style, you have to be healthy. It just wasn’t meant to be. I’m still fortunate that I got the opportunity to come here and play. It was pretty special."

About Hasek ... "When you’ve got the best goaltender in the world, you want to see him back. … Obviously everyone who’s coming back is pulling for him to come back."


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