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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Playoff goals/60 minutes

The following are lists of the average number of goals scored and allowed per 60 minutes of playing time with individual Red Wings on the ice during the post-season.
A few notes ...
-- How good were Dan Cleary and Kirk Maltby on the penalty-kill? With Cleary on the ice, the Red Wings outscored their playoff opponents, 3-1, while a man short. With Maltby, the Wings posted a 2-2 score while short-handed.
-- Pavel Datsyuk was one of the Wings' top short-handed forwards during the regular season, but slumped in the playoffs. Mathieu Schneider was on the ice for a remarkable four opposition power-play goals in just 8:08 of ice time.
-- There was a severe drop-off between the Wings' first power-play unit and second. Mikael Samuelsson did a nice job stepping into Schneider's skates on the point, averaging about the same G/60 minutes. The top forward unit of Datsyuk-Zetterberg-Holmstrom was clearly better than the second unit as it was during the regular season.
-- Kris Draper was on the ice for no even-strength goals against in the first round, two in the second round, and eight in the third, ballooning his defensive stats. Todd Bertuzzi was the only Detroit forward who was worse defensively at even strength.
-- Two pleasant surprises were Chris Chelios and Robert Lang. Chelios wasn't on the ice for much offense during the regular season, but the Wings outscored opponents 11-5 at even strength with Cheli on the ice in the post-season. With Lang, the Wings outscored opponents 8-2 at even strength. Lang was not on the ice for an even-strength goal allowed in the first or third round while generating offense at a level similar to Datsyuk and Zetterberg.


Forwards GF-GA
Hudler 4.72-0.00
Holmstrom 2.91-1.82
Bertuzzi 2.34-2.68
Franzen 2.29-0.51
Lang 2.27-0.57
Datsyuk 2.26-1.58
Zetterberg 2.05-1.59
Filppula 1.62-2.27
Samuelsson 1.47-0.88
Cleary 1.40-1.68
Draper 1.04-2.61
Maltby 0.77-1.54
Calder 0.58-0.00
Defensemen GF-GA
Lebda 3.20-1.42
Chelios 2.70-1.23
Schneider 2.18-0.62
Lidstrom 1.62-1.80
Lilja 1.49-2.55
Quincey 1.14-1.14
Markov 0.91-1.45

Forwards GF-GA
Holmstrom 9.89-0.76
Datsyuk 9.01-0.64
Zetterberg 8.08-0.62
Hudler 7.38-3.69
Lang 6.83-0.98
Cleary 5.83-0.00
Calder 4.81-0.00
Franzen 4.43-0.00
Bertuzzi 3.51-1.17
Flippula 0.00-0.00
Defensemen GF-GA
Lidstrom 8.61-0.48
Samuelsson 7.42-0.00
Schneider 7.15-1.02
Chelios 4.88-2.44
Lebda 2.19-2.19

Forwards GF-GA (ranked by GA)
Cleary 4.39-1.46
Filppula 0.00-2.59
Maltby 3.42-3.42
Franzen 1.14-4.54
Draper 0.99-4.94
Zetterberg 0.00-6.09
Datsyuk 0.00-6.24
Defensemen GF-GA (ranked by GA)
Markov 1.08-2.16
Lidstrom 1.31-3.92
Chelios 1.29-4.51
Lilja 1.03-6.21
Schneider 0.00-29.51


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