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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not so even

The Red Wings' one disappointment this season has been even-strength defense. Obviously it's early and correctable, but the numbers show the Red Wings' difficulties ...

Even-strength goals for per 60 minutes
07-08 2.65
08-09 2.63

Even-strength goals against per 60 minutes
07-08 1.78
08-09 2.83

Power-play goals for per 60 minutes
07-08 8.07
09-09 15.29

Short-handed goals allowed per 60 minutes
07-08 5.92
08-09 7.51

The special teams numbers offset themselves. If the power play wasn't so good right now, the penalty-kill would be a bigger concern.

But at even-strength, the Red Wings have been outscored 27-25 this season.


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